THE Empomart Associate Opportunity

The Empomart Associate program is our way of showing our appreciation for the loyalty of our clients.

The world has never seen an ecommerce company as exceptional and refreshing as Empomart, and we know that our Customers and Associates are the driving force behind our success. Together with our Associates, we are building a culture that is truly impacting the lives of people. To bring this into reality, Empomart has established a generous and straightforward compensation plan that rewards our Customers and Associates! Unlike other home-based businesses, Empomart gives you the tremendous earning potential you desire, minus all the negative aspects that make it difficult for you to achieve success.

Keep Track of Your Purchases

When you sign up for an Associate Account, you get a free account from where you can manage orders, product listings and delivery communications. You also get paid a commission of 9% on the profit due Empomart anytime you place an order with the account.

How do I make money

Associates go beyond personal purchases and refer potential clients to Empomart. You build an organization as new referrals duplicate the referral process. As an Associate, you are positioned to get paid commissions on the orders placed by Associates within your organization. You can also stand to share in the earnings of your two immediate uplines.

Benefits of enrolling in the free Associate Program

Empomart Associate program allows you to: maximize your streams of income with Empomart by building an organization of Associates and customers and making money when products and services are purchased within the organization generate a residual income at your own pace and schedule. get paid up to 16.2% and 9% Sign-up Bonuses (Fast Start or referral bonuses) and Unilevel payouts (monthly commissions) respectively. win amazing bonuses, laptops, tablets, lands and cars, and create a lifestyle of your dream.

How much is needed to start an Associate Business?

The enrollment process for the Associate program is free. All Associates are entitled to commissions on their personal orders. However, to start your earning on your organization, you must buy any Starter Kit. Depending on the Starter Kit you can earn as deep as eight (8) levels and beyond for monthly team payouts and six (6) levels for Fast Start Bonuses. The various Starter Kits and the corresponding point values are indicated in the table below.


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