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Vitalax Pro

Vitalax Pro™️ allows diabetic and hypertensive patients to subscribe to the service, report their vitals on some predefined frequencies and times, alerts and notifications on medication and vital recording times as well as an in-built emergency alert system. Caregivers have access to a comprehensive dashboard that displays the vital trends of a patient. Vitalax Pro™️ follows a strict patient data confidentiality protocol, allowing only caregivers assigned to a particular patient access to the patient's records. Security and protection of patient data is of uttermost importance. Vitalax Pro™️ has an in-built Artificial Intelligence model responsible for analyzing vital trends, measuring risk scores and metrics for mitigating complications associated with elevated levels of blood sugar. Vitalax Pro tracks, analyzes, learns and provides forecasts and predictions of diabetes and hypertension health parameters.

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BeSpeak Pro

Organisation of events for church activities have always been a hurdle for modern day churches, with seating and reservations being one of the major problem. BeSpeak is a unique application designed to solve this problem. With an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to allow churches and organizations to set up events, configure seating arrangements and manage bookings in one place. The application also comes with an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) application for all attendees of events to book and make reservations prior to arriving at the event/church venue. BeSpeak offers an affordable pricing model with 99.99% uptime assured.

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Elias™️ is an integrated application suite designed for Oil Management Companies(OMCs) and fuel station owners for the management of daily activities of the fuel outlets. Elias has a custom setup and management console for setting up organizations, users and organizational constraints. The retail module of Elias supports the management of fuel meter readings recieved from our custom mobile application. The retail module also generates various reports from the data recieved to support decision making and accountability. The Elias Mobile App is uniquely designed to assist attendants and managers at retail outlets to record and manage activities related to sales, credit, stock, etc on a daily basis.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tie together a multitude of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. Availability of comprehensive and accurate enterprise resource planning systems for effective inventory, retail, and warehouse data management is a major challenge for businesses in most developing countries. A good number of African businesses depend on paper-based inventory and sales records in most cases, having a handful of retail businesses leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Although some of these retail businesses run some kind of software solutions, they aren’t very effective as most are plagued with errors causing business owners to revert to paper-based record keeping. Another important reason for which business owners haven’t been thoroughly successful with these systems is that they are unable to have the kind of oversight they require on the transactions. Polymorph Labs has the vision to solve this problem and has developed a real-time, online, and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Suite. PERPS is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Suite designed and built by Polymorph Labs to provide robust lasting solutions to the multitude of problems faced by business owners. PERPS comprises a suite of integrated applications that manage different aspects of the business processes from warehousing to retail sales and Point of Sale management.

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Project Plutus is an integrated application for revenue and tax collection for municipal and district assemblies. Plutus is designed to allow each MDA / MMDA to set up its jurisdiction, operations and collections logistics. With a custom point of sale application for revenue collections and a back office protal for management and set up. This solution offers a unique workflow designed to meet the needs of MDAs / MMDAs and includes configurable sections for added uniqueness.

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Pentecost Companion

Pentecost Companion is an all-in-one custom church communication tool designed specifically for the Church of Pentecost. Pentecost Companion offers its users (the assembly and its members) an intuitive design and experience coupled with relevant functionalities designed to suit the processes and structures of the Church of Pentecost. With state of the art design, simple yet well-structured process flow and assured data protection, the Pentecost Companion application suite gives it’s users an intuitive user experience, with resources for their daily worship customized by the leadership of each assembly. Announcements, sermons and daily devotionals, directly from each assembly. A user (member) of Pentecost Companion will also be able to send prayer requests and pay tithes, offertory, etc to their assembly. Pentecost Companion offers its customers a lasting relationship with their assembly regardless of geographic location, with features such as attendance checking for various church activities to promote punctuality and accountability. The system is made up of an administrative dashboard and a mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android platforms. Polymorph Labs designed and developed this solution for use by all Pentecost Churches in Ghana and around the world.


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