Why Own A Store?
  • It's free to set up a store on Empomart. You also have access to a personalised and friendly interface for you to run your store.
  • Owning a store comes with a free website for your store or business.
  • In today’s competitive marketplace, merchants find it more rewarding to resort to online marketing as it affords them an avenue to grow their brands as well as reach a wider audience and new customer pockets. Perhaps you have a local shop yet do concede that you need a fast route to exposure. Whether your business is small or big, start-up or existing, Empomart is your choice platform to augment your sales.
  • When you link your own brand with that of Empomart, you’re tapping into all of the branding work and business development the site has done to gain our customers’ trust and respect. We have the most actionable and powerful system for running a Web store. Our online stores are free and friendly to use. It has an easy dashboard area for quick uploading of pictures of products.
  • The real beauty of Empomart is its recompensing program for customers and Associates of Empomart that continues to direct massive traffic to our merchant stores. This program adds to the great strengths of online marketing and promises to hugely boost the customer base of Empomart Merchants.
  • Being a Merchant on Empomart means potentially exposing your products and services to an audience it would take much longer for you to find on your own. That means instant viewership and marketing, right from the get-go. This is the one-stop forum where marketing and sales of products yield highest possible dividends.


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